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Galvanizing success at Glasgow Airport

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Scottish Galvanizers (part of the Wedge Group) has helped to lay the foundations for the growth of one of Britain’s busiest airports.

The plant was called upon by structural steelwork contractor BHC to process more than 334t of hot-rolled steel consisting of approximately 924 separate pieces, used as part of the multimillion pound development at Glasgow Airport.

The steelwork has been used to construct new pick-up and drop-off points, as well as a newly-extended car park.

BHCGeneral Manager Bryan Cathcart said: “We’re pleased to see the completed works helping to ease congestion at the airport and providing a better experience for everyone who uses it.

Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the best steel finishes we can use on structural builds as all surfaces of the steel are immersed in molten zinc, giving it thorough and long-lasting protection which can withstand the elements and prevent corrosion.

Scottish Galvanizers Commercial Manager Paul Tait added: “While the volume of steel was an average amount, the challenging part of this project was the number of components required for the works, totaling almost 1,000 separate pieces of galvanized steel.

“We’re delighted that the project was a success and look forward to working together with the BHC team again in the future.”

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