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Eurocodes on the web

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A new website dedicated to information on the application of Eurocode 3 for steel and Eurocode 4 for composite construction has been launched.

Known as the hyperlink offers a fast, easy and completely free route to all relevant Eurocode information.

“Three clicks on the site is the equivalent to soaking up ten practical seminars and demonstrates how simple it is to design to Eurocode using steel,” Graham Owens, Director of the SCI said.

“Applying the Eurocodes is like learning to swim and the only way to get ahead is to take the plunge,” Mr Owens added. “Access Steel provides the insulation.”

Site navigation is similar to a search engine, and the website offers both free text and guides the user through all the steps in the design of single storey, multi-storey and residential construction.

Access Steel is targeted at the needs of architects, engineers and their clients. Its content spans everything from conceptual to detailed design in Eurocodes.

The technical guidance is quality assured and harmonised and has been produced by six leading technical European institutes: SCI (UK); CTICM (France); Labein (Spain); RWTH (Germany): Arcelor Profil (Luxembourg), and SBI (Sweden).

“The site sends out a very clear message to designers everywhere to get ahead with the Eurocodes,” Mr Owens summed up.

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