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Eminent post-war buildings in steel

Building with Steel, the BCSA’s ‘informative journal relating to the progress of and developments in the Constructional Steelwork Industry’ was first published in February 1960. The magazine summarised the previous fifteen years of steel construction with this gallery…

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Grosvenor Place, London SW1
The building is the headquarters of the important and massive A. E. I. Group.
architects: Wimperis, Simpson & Fyffe
consulting engineers: R. T. James & Partners

Lower Regent Street, London SW1
A notable example of post war design.
joint architects: Trehearne & Norman Preston & Partners; Leslie C. Norton

Queen Victoria Street, London EC4
The City of London contains many buildings of outstanding architectural merit, most of the using steel as a structural medium.
architects: Victor Heal & Smith

Wigmore Street, London W1
This is a typical mid-20th century building and possesses all the advantages of the period.
architects: C. H. Elsom & Partners
consulting engineers: Clarke, Nicholls & Marcel

Farringdon Street, London EC4
Bearing a famous name in journalistic history this building was designed and built for Fleetway Publications Limited.
architects: Ellis Clarke & Gallannaugh

Fenchurch Street, London EC3
An outstanding contribution to the City of London.
architects: W. H Rogers
consulting engineers: G. A Dodd & Partners

Lower Regent Street, London SW1
By far the most prominent building in the City of London today. Rebuilding is still proceeding on the site which was devestated during the war.
architects: Campbell Jones & Sons
consulting engineers: J. L. Wheeler & Jupp; Hurst Peirce and Malcolm

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