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Durability of light steel framing in residential buildings. Second Edition

Confident prediction of design life is based on data recorded for more than 10 years

The Second Edition of this publication updates and extends the durability data and design life predictions for galvanized light steel framing presented in the First Edition. Recently recorded durability data is included for several buildings using light steel framing. This data has been recorded for more than 10 years and permits a confident prediction of design life.

It reviews reports and publications from research projects carried out by Corus, BRE, ECSC, SCI and the former DETR on zinc coated cold formed steel sections. New data have also been collected from measurements on houses and similar buildings that use galvanized steel components.

The performance of galvanized (zinc coated) steel components within protected environments (e.g. ‘warm frame’ applications) is very good. This research shows that the predicted design life of the standard Z275 coating, based on the measured loss of zinc from the strip steel, is over 200 years, provided that the building envelope is properly maintained. The evidence for this conclusion is based on measurement of zinc loss on light steel frames in various applications and locations. A formula for the loss of zinc over time in areas subject to low condensation risk is presented.

Recommendations are given on the detailing of light steel framing in ‘warm frame’ applications in order to minimise the presence of moisture during the life of the building’s frame.

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Catalogue Reference: P262
Authors: A G J Way, S O Popo Ola, A R Biddle and R M Lawson
ISBN 978-1-85942-193-2;
52 pp, A4, paperback;
July 2009

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