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Design of Floors for Vibration: A New Approach (Revised Edition)

This new design guide will enable designers to determine the vibration response of sensitive floors with improved accuracy 

This publication presents guidance for assessing the vibration behaviour of floors in steel framed buildings caused by pedestrian traffic. It has particular relevance to composite floors. It describes the phenomenon in both general and technical terms, contains a background commentary and specific design recommendations. A set of worked examples illustrate the design procedures.

The revised edition includes the latest advice on health buildings. Opportunity was taken to include the amendments in corrigendum 1 and correct some typographical errors. The values in the worked examples have been adjusted in line with the corrigendum. Customers who purchased the first edition can access the updated information in Section 8.2 and Appendix D by visiting and searching for P354.

Non-member £80 Member £40 (plus P&P)

Catalogue Reference: P354
Authors: A L Smith, S J Hicks and P J Devine
ISBN 978-1-85942-176-5,
128 pp, A4, paperback,
June 2007; July 2009


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