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Demand for green homes grows

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The Greenwich Millennium Village in London was constructed by Banro using steel frames.

A nationally representative survey has found more people than ever before would appreciate a house built with sustainable materials, with just 15% of interviewed UK adults considering sustainability unimportant.

The survey, commissioned by the Steel Homes Group (SHG), also showed that older homebuyers were more concerned with sustainability.

More than 66% of people over the age of 45 felt the issue was important, compared to 51% among those aged 18 – 24, suggesting more experienced homebuyers have a greater awareness of green issues.

SHG is an industry body formed to promote the advantages steel framed houses can offer, with specific regard to the superior quality and sustainability benefits of off-site construction.

SCI Deputy Director and SHG Chair Dr Bassam Burgan, said: “There has been a lot of talk of how the UK can increase its housing supply and this survey shows that people want houses to be sustainable.

“Steel framed homes are the way to marry sustainable and affordable housing. By constructing homes off- site, for instance, costs are lower and production quicker.”

The survey also found that the quality of construction is considered more important in a house than the method of construction. Only 5% would not consider the quality of construction when buying a home, but 57% do not consider the method of construction to be very important.

“It is clear that homebuyers do not insist on traditional bricks and mortar houses – they want well-

built, sustainable homes, and that is what steel-framed structures can provide,” added Dr Burgan.

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