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Consultation on British Standards in Scotland

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Following a meeting between BCSA President Jack Sanderson and the Regulatory Review Group (reporting annually to the Scottish Government) Chairman Russel Griggs, to discuss the implementation of the Eurocodes and the use of national standards after this month (March), there is a possibility that references to both the Eurocodes and the equivalent withdrawn British Standards will be included in the Scottish guidance.

Dr David Moore, BCSA Director of Engineering, said: “Although the Scottish Building Regulations are performance based and allow any safe method of design to be used, including a table of references to the withdrawn British Standards, if this change is implemented it will clarify their position as acceptable and safe methods of complying with the regulations.”

BSI will withdraw all British Standards this month that conflict with the Eurocodes. BCSA members are reminded that the Building Regulations in England, Wales and Scotland are expressed in functional terms and do not dictate the national design standard that should be used.

A BSI committee responsible for BS 5950 – structural use of steelwork in building – has confirmed that it is safe to use this standard until at least 2014/15.

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