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Combisafe launches new safety system

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Combisafe has launched a new edge protection system that is said to be “stronger, adjustable, lighter, easier to install” and designed specifically for steel frame construction.

Steel Mesh Barrier Mark II replaces Combisafe’s existing SMB, and is designed to be fitted to steelwork at ground level, it is then lifted into place with a crane, which speeds up erection times. Combisafe’s Director of Operations Barney Green said: “The edge protection has several new safety features and offers time and cost savings to steelwork contractors.”

New features include a closed toeboard to ensure debris is contained and an attachment system that allows for vertical and horizontal adjustment. The ‘Adjuster’ enables the worker to raise or lower the barrier using one hand and without dismantling the whole system, which allows for elements such as glass facades to be installed safely with the barrier in place.

A custom holder is bolted on to the barrier post, with the mesh barrier attached by a hook, allowing the barrier to be attached at any height so work can be carried out underneath it. The SMB MkII system also has reinforced flat-bar edges to prevent damage during transport.

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