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BCSA advises membership on column splices

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A number of BCSA members have noted that some CDM coordinators have been asking for column splices to be placed at waist height, or approximately 1,200mm above floor level, to assist with the manual handling of pneumatic wrenches and other equipment.

However, placing the splice towards the middle of the column will result in additional buckling forces which must be taken in to account at the design stage.

Dr David Moore, BCSA Director of Engineering, said: “The standard splice connection details given in the publication ‘Joints in Steel Construction – Simple Connections’ can only be used where a splice is located no more than 500mm above floor level.

“It should also be noted that these standard details are only applicable where manufacturing procedures are such that full contact in the bearing is achieved at the splice.”

Dr Moore also advised that if a splice is located further up the column, moment due to strut action needs to be considered and the designer must therefore revert to the design procedures given in ‘Joints in Steel Construction – Moment Connection.’

Advisory Desk note AD 243 ‘Splices within Unrestricted Length’ gives further information on the design of unrestrained column splices.

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