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Around the Press: July/August 2010

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The Times 
20 May 2010
Get an eyeful of Wenlock and Mandeville
(Referring to the Games’ mascots) The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games hired the children’s author Michael Morpurgo to write a tale about the characters. In his imagination, the figures are created from the last drops of steel left over when the final girder for the Olympic Stadium was completed at a factory in Bolton.

New Civil Engineer
27 May 2010
Skyway to the north
(Dalston Junction Station) Here, steel beams have been used as part of the permanent reinforcement, with pairs of beams joined top and bottom with diaphragm plates. These pairs of beams weigh up to 90t each, and span up to 33m. They sit on specially designed bearings that weigh up to 3t and are capable of handling the uplift and the rotation that could be caused by such heavy point loads.

New Civil Engineer
3 June 2010
Closing the gap
(Glasgow’s M74 project) Port Eglinton viaduct is the largest of the structures along the route and is on a similar scale to the Kingston Bridge nearby. The 750m long viaduct crosses several streets and three railways and 14,500t structure is constructed from 95 shallow box girders measuring 5.5m wide by 2.5m deep plus 68 deep box girders 5.5m wide and 4.5m deep.

14 May 2010
Nouvel takes Manhattan
(A new 23 storey apartment block) Overlooked by either enclosed or open apartment terraces, this vertical private garden contains trees and ornamental plantings that appear to “float” on various floors and is spanned by a complex grid of high level steel beams.

New Civil Engineer
24 June 2010
Bubble wrap station nears completion
(Newport station) Over the next few weeks, 925m² of the two steel structures will be covered by Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), which will be inflated with air to form the roof of the main concourse buildings.

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