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ArcelorMittal launches steel construction industry concept

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ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel company has unveiled Steligence™, a new concept for the use of steel in construction which it hopes will create a more sustainable life cycle for buildings.

The concept revolves around the idea of buildings as holistic entities where all aspects are considered in an integrated way, and proposes the need for better dialogue between various specialist architectural and engineering disciplines.

Steligence™ further suggests that the use of the best available technology in steelmaking, as well as modularisation of steel components in buildings, has the capacity to generate efficiency gains in the design, construction and configuration of buildings.

Because steel is infinitely recyclable, Steligence™ sets the stage for architects to consider the life cycle, recyclability and reusability of a building and its components at the earliest point in the design process.

This new approach has been brought about by real advances in technology which now makes steel an even more attractive material for construction. As such, ArcelorMittal said the Steligence™ concept has the potential to drive significant architectural and sustainability benefits.

ArcelorMittal Global Head of Research and Development Greg Ludkovsky said: “As climate, energy and resource scarcity intensifies, win-win solutions like Steligence™ become imperative.

“Buildings play a huge part in all our lives, so creating a construction concept that improves their social, economic and environmental impact while dramatically enhancing their functionality and aesthetics has been a huge challenge.

“We have landed on a radical new approach to construction which is underpinned by a clear philosophy to build a sustainable business around a sustainable construction industry that delivers for future generations.”

By using the Steligence™ concept ArcelorMittal claimed the construction industry could take advantage of numerous benefits, such as more building storeys within a given height, less deep and less costly foundations and far longer clear spans, resulting in better flexibility of interior floor layout.

ArcelorMittal Global Research and Development, Construction and Infrastructures, Olivier Vassart (pictured)said: “Steel is the construction material for the future and this is a concept for change. We want to optimise the use of materials and eliminate waste.”

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