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AD 303: Disproportionate collapse regulations in Scotland

The purpose of this AD note is to highlight the existence of technical advice produced by the Scottish Building Standards Agency (SBSA) that should take precedence over the advice given in AD 297 for use in Scotland. AD 297 advised engineers how they might account for the differences between the disproportionate collapse regulations in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The technical advice produced by the SBSA is available from their website (*) and states that:

“Disproportionate collapse does not normally apply to buildings having less than 5 storeys but designers should consider if their building is one where there might be a risk of disproportionate collapse (e.g. grandstands, types of educational buildings, etc). If they consider the building to be at risk then the guidance in the Approved Document A – Structure 2004 Edition published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister gives one means of satisfying the Standard 1.2 in respect of such buildings.”


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