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AD 284: BS 449 and Approved Document A – Structure (2004 Edition)

Approved Document A – Structure – of the England and Wales Building Regulations has been revised. The “2004” Edition came into effect on the 1st December 2004.

Approved Document A includes three sections, A1 Loading, A2 Ground Movement and A3 Disproportionate Collapse, which expands on the Buildings Regulations for Structure. Moreover, Section A3 contains lists of codes, standards and references that may be complied with in order to meet the Building Regulations.

Steelwork designers should note that BS 449 does not appear in any of the lists of Codes, Standards and References in Approved Document A – Structure (2004 Edition). However, BS 449 has not been superseded, declared obsolete or withdrawn by BSI. It has simply not been included in the latest Approved Document A.  BS 449 is still a current British Standard, though it has not been maintained by BSI since the issue of Amendments 6255 and 8859. Currently, BS 449 may be used for the design of steel framed buildings where it adequately covers the type of frame being designed.

However, designers still wishing to use BS 449 are advised to check the terms and conditions of their professional indemnity as it may only cover designs carried out to codes and standards listed in the current Approved Document A. In addition, designers requiring local authority approval for their calculations are advised to check with the local authority on the acceptability of BS 449 prior to starting work.

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