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Access the tool for Eurocode adoption

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During November more than 3,000 practitioners from 149 different countries logged on to the SCI’s Access Steel website in order to obtain critical information that will help them make the transition to the Eurocodes. Many found their way to the website via search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

By tracking live web traffic and analysing typical search words, the SCI has been able to better understand browsers’ needs and their preferred web content and therefore adapt the IT tools accordingly.

Web traffic reports show that examples of construction work are the most viewed pages as they enable designers to see what steps need to be taken when designing to Eurocodes 3 and 4.

“Despite a general perception that the UK construction industry had previously shown very little concern for the Eurocodes, the tide is now turning,” said Christine Roszykiewicz, SCI Project Manager.

“The Access Steel website has demonstrated that it is not disinterest or reluctance to face up to change that has deterred designers from embracing the Eurocodes for steel. Rather it is the need for practical familiarisation tools that will not put too big a burden on overhead costs,” she added. is a completely free site aimed at helping designers to adopt the Eurocodes. Produced by the six leading steel technical institutes of Europe, the information is accurate, authoritative and quality assured.


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