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Composite Highway Bridge Design: Worked Examples

March 1, 2011 by NSC2 in Projects and Features

For anyone wishing to design a composite bridge this publication presents two worked examples, one for a two-span multi girder integral bridge and the other for a three-span ladder deck bridge. The examples cover the principal steps in the verification of the design in accordance with the Eurocodes, as implemented by the UK National Annex.

The calculations in this publication illustrate the principal design considerations that are discussed in the companion publication (P356).

The examples include:

  • Summary of design situations to be considered and applicable actions, covering, loads, bending moments, shears and buckling
  • Illustrations of the global analysis model and tabulation of results
  • Evaluation of design values of effects at key locations, during construction and in service
  • Verification of the adequacy of the bare steel girders during construction and the composite girders in service
  • Verification of longitudinal shear connections and fatigue resistance

The detailed design of the deck slab, for local loading is not covered in either example.

Price:  £60.00   (BCSA and SCI Member Price £30.00) 

Catalogue number P357
ISBN number 978-1-85942-195-6
Authors D C Iles MSc ACGI DIC CEng MICE
Pagination 129 pp 
Pages A4 Paperback 
Publication date 2010



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