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Retail exposed with steel

An architecturally-driven fully exposed structural steel frame forms a standout retail building adjacent to an historic east London

Bolts and fasteners

Structural bolts are one of the key elements of a steel frame and there are two types of bolted assemblies generally used in the UK and Ireland.

Steel serves up store refurbishment

A famous department store in Dublin is being refurbished with structural steelwork to form the centrepiece of a new mixed-use

AD 443: The use of fully threaded bolts

SCI has been surprised to hear of the use of fully threaded bolts being questioned, as these have been in common use – and have been the standard bolt used …

Bolt slip in connections

The effect of bolt slip in truss connections is an issue that is raised with SCI from time to time in various contexts. Richard Henderson discusses some of the …

AD 426: Bolt head protrusion through nuts and threads in grip lengths

To ensure that bolt threads are fully engaged in the nut, BS EN 1090-2 clause 8.2.2 specifies that the protrusion must be at least one thread pitch. This is …

An introduction to preloaded bolting

NSC reports on bolted connections, and the regulations, standards and current practice for preloaded bolting. Bolted connections in structural steel can be …

Award: Knostrop Weir Foot and Cycle Bridge, Leeds

Knostrop Foot and Cycle Bridge serves to reconnect the Trans Pennine Trail, following the removal of a section of island between the River Aire and the Aire …

AD 413: Shear resistances of M12 bolts

Designers using paper or online versions of the Eurocode Blue Book may have noted that the shear resistance of an M12 bolt has different values quoted, …

An introduction to site connections

The fabrication and erection of steel structures involves the joining together of various steel members and the two principal methods used are welding and …


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