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Stockholder takes new processing online

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A new state of the art Kaltenbach structural steel processing line has been installed at Rainham Steel’s main distribution facility in Scunthorpe.

The line includes a 100m long central conveying system that passes material through the latest Gietart Sprint 1.6 shotblast and automated paint system, which in turn sits between two parallel bandsawing lines, each with a Kaltenbach KBS1301 DG, CNC saw.

The saw lines are interlinked to a heavy-duty KDX 1215, three axis, five tool per spindle, NC drill. Material exiting the paint drying tunnel can be automatically transferred by cross ways onto either of the bandsawing systems and if required, onward to the drill.

“Our process line is the latest phase of our expansion and gives us a formidable added capability and speed of response,” said John Green, Works Manager at the Scunthorpe site.

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