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New bandsaw maximises cutting performance

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Kaltenbach said its recently launched Behringer HBM400 SC (speed cutting) machine features revolutionary bandsawing technology and takes cutting performance to new levels.

The company said the HBM400 has cutting speeds up to seven times faster than conventional bandsaws, achieving high performance and precision straight cutting of all solid metals, up to 400mm diameter or 400 x 400 in section.

The HBM400 utilises a specially developed, thinner bandsaw blade which is 1.1mm thick. This is said to reduce the cutting force per tooth and achieves a much narrower kerf of only 1.7mm.

Controlled from an ergonomic and user friendly console, the HBM400 is said to be simple to operate. Fully enclosed and using a proven vibration free structure, the sound attenuating design is said to achieve quiet operation even under extreme high speed work.

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