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Steel – the safe solution

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Steel is inherently safer than other structural framing solutions, argues a new brochure aimed at steelwork designers.

‘Steel – the safe solution’ is targeted at steelwork designers to familiarise them with the essentials of how steel erection interacts with design.

It cites nine reasons why steel construction is safer than alternatives:

1. Steelwork is pre-engineered in a way that makes planning of operations easier and more certain
2. A 3D virtual reality computer model of the steel frame can be built to aid planning of the erection process
3. Prefabrication off-site makes steelwork accurate and less prone to errors that would lead to site hazards
4. Steelwork is standardised, leading to repetition of site tasks and hence a greater certainty of safe practice
5. A steel frame is stable and the full strength of the material is available immediately
6. As the structure is erected it provides safe access to working positions for erecting subsequent parts
7. Where necessary, a trial erection can be carried out to establish the safest method to use on site
8. Steelwork is easily modified, if necessary, during maintenance or refurbishment
9. Steel is readily demountable if demolition becomes necessary.

The guide outlines easily under-stood ‘default solutions’ or basic concepts underlying safe erection, and how to develop a method state-ment. It refutes the misconception that steelwork is risky and explains how information provided by the Register of Qualified Steel Contractors can help to select a steelwork contractor capable of dealing with a contract of any given size or type.



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