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Steel-framed control towers heading to Africa

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Norfolk-based steelwork contractor TSI Structures has been contracted to supply a number of air traffic control rooms to a standard modular specification.

Designed by TEX ATC, the MV8 series consists of an octagonal steel framework, which is assembled onsite and bolted to a control tower structure.

The steel frame has a ring beam that supports eight corner columns, roof beams and a central aperture.

The aperture is used to gain access to an upper walkway and roof, via a retractable ladder. The roof is supported on a series of triangular decking frames, also supplied by TSI.

Each of the control room modules, which are destined for West Africa, are trial erected by TSI, a process that allows the client to carry out its own quality check. The units are then disassembled and sent for galvanizing, before being delivered to TEX ATC.

TEX ATC provide a complete package for the control room modules, including the glazing and cladding. All of the components are then shipped overseas in containers and assembled onsite.

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