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Steel charts a sustainable future

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The Steel Construction Sustainability Charter was formally launched at the 2005 Steel Construction Conference, and now has 28 companies signed up to its objectives. The aim of the Charter is: “to develop steel as a sustainable form of construction in terms of economic viability, social progress and environmental responsibility.”

The Charter was launched by Professor Roger Plank of Sheffield University who said that clients were behind improving the sustainability of construction, which helps make the industry’s sustainability objectives achievable.  He said there was great scope for improvement in construction generally, where 12% of the waste was due to overspecifying. Half of all energy used was used in buildings, so improved energy performance of buildings could have a great impact.

Global warming and changes in the ways buildings are used undermined the old saw that the thermal mass of concrete was an advantage, he said. The problem today was more one of how to cool a building down. ‘We do not in fact need a lot of the mass of concrete in a modern building.’

Advances like structural fire engineering, which reduces the materials needed for a building and had been used on a steel framed projects in the City of London, were examples of steel being used in a lean and more sustainable way.

Members of the BCSA and the Register of Steelwork Contractors are eligible to sign up to the Charter. Companies listed below are signatories:

  • ACL Structures Ltd
  • Allerton Engineering Ltd
  • Atlas Ward Structures Ltd
  • Barrett Steel Buildings Ltd
  • Billington Structures Ltd
  • Bourne Steel Ltd
  • Butterley Ltd
  • Cairnhill Structures Ltd
  • Caunton Engineering Ltd
  • Conder Structures Ltd
  • Elland Steel Structures Ltd
  • EvadX Ltd
  • Fairfield-Mabey Ltd
  • Fisher Engineering Ltd
  • Frank H Dale Ltd
  • Graham Wood Structural Ltd
  • John Reid & Sons (Strucsteel) Ltd
  • Kingspan Metl-Con Ltd
  • Leigh’s Paints
  • Rowecord Engineering Ltd
  • Rowen Structures Ltd
  • Severfield-Reeve Structures Ltd
  • Structural Sections Ltd
  • Traditional Structures Ltd
  • Warley Construction Company Ltd
  • Watson Steel Structures Ltd
  • Westok Ltd
  • William Hare Ltd
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