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On-line tool for acoustic performance in construction

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Tata Steel and the SCI have jointly developed an on-line tool to provide structural engineers and architects with a quick and easy-to-use system for working out the likely level of acoustic performance for various forms of construction.

The new tool is able to estimate the acoustic insulation provided by different combinations of materials used in the construction of steel walls and floor systems, allowing the user to carry out a ‘what if’ analysis before embarking on a detailed design.

Flooring choices include Tata Steel’s Slimdek system, composite flooring and a number of light steel systems. Users can also select from a range of floor treatments and ceiling options. Wall forms involve single or twin studs, with or without acoustic quilting, and a range of different boarding options.

The values predicted by this on-line tool are only intended to be used for preliminary design purposes because there are many other factors besides specification of the wall or floor format that will affect acoustic performance such as junction details, exact specification of products, adjoining construction form and workmanship during construction.

The tool uses empirical interpretation of test data from structures in the residential, health and school sectors to predict the acoustic performance of the user’s chosen arrangement so although these additional factors are not specifically included, their effect is built in to the underlying data allowing a realistic assessment to be made.

To access the tool go to:

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