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News in Brief: October 2014

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This year’s annual SCI event will be held on 5 November at the London Transport Museum and is entitled ‘A step change in sustainability’. Topics to be discussed include: what drives cost and material use; what we can do better, and whether a change in sustainability is necessary and achievable. To reserve a place contact Jane Burrell, Tel +44 (0) 1344 636 500 or email Free entry to the London Transport Museum is included.

AceCad Software has launched a new and free version of BIMReview which is said to enable effective review and visual communication through BIM models. Known as BIMReview lite, AceCad said it can improve workflow by importing BIM models and associated data from multiple CAD authoring tools, check for clashes and collaborate with others in the construction supply chain.

Lindapter has developed a new steelwork clamp for connecting steel sections known as the Type AAF. It is said to offer adjustability, anti-corrosion protection and high load capacities, even in low temperature environments. The clamp features an innovative two-part design that self-adjusts to suit a range of flange thicknesses, allowing contractors to use a single product type for multiple connection requirements.

Software developer CSC has released updates to Solve, its general purpose FE analysis software. CSC says its in-house development team has improved performance and developed a range of new features to further enhance the analysis capabilities within Solve, thereby improving productivity for the structural engineer. The combination of a new analysis engine, brand new view management tools and improved sub-structure creation allows users to work even faster and more efficiently than ever before. In addition engineers can benefit from greater BIM integration with links to Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit, Fastrak and Orion.

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