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Joints in steel construction: Moment-Resisting joints to Eurocode 3 (P398)

PubNov13This publication covers the design of moment-resisting joints in accordance with Eurocode 3. Moment-resisting joints are typically found in portal frames and in continuous construction. This publication is the successor to Joints in steel construction – Moment connections (P207/95), which covers connections designed in accordance with BS 5950.

The major changes in scope compared to P207/95 are:

• The adoption of the published design rules in BS EN 1993-1-8 and its UK National Annex. Although most checks are almost identical to those in the earlier publication, some differences will be observed, such as the modest revisions to the yield line patterns and the allowance for the effect of shear in the column web panel.

• Indicative resistances of connections are given, instead of comprehensive standardised details, recognising that software is most often used for the design of moment-resisting joints.
• The ‘hybrid’ connections, comprising welded parts and parts connected using pre-tensioned bolts have been omitted, since they have little application in the UK.

This new publication will cover;

• Bolted end plate connections between beams and columns in multi-storey frames and portal frames (full depth, extended and plate and haunched connections)
• Welded beam to column connections.
• Moment-resisting splices.
• Moment-resisting column bases.

Design procedures are included for all the components in the above types of connection. Worked examples illustrating the design procedures are included for all the above types of moment- resisting joints.

A complementary publication covering nominally pinned connections (P358, Joints in steel construction: Simple joints to Eurocode 3) is also available.

Catalogue number: SCI P398
ISBN Number: 978-1-85-942209-0
Authors: UK Connections Group
Pagination: 163pp
Pages: A4 Paperback
Publication date: November 2013

Full Price £80
(BCSA and SCI Member price £60)
Publications are available to purchase through SCI’s shop at
Or telephone +44 (0) 1344 636505 or through BCSA +44 (0) 207 839 8566

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