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Fabsec and Bentley Systems form design software partnership

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Fabsec FBEAM software is now synchronised with Bentley System’s RAM Structural System following the formation of a strategic partnership.

The new partnership is said to further enhance interoperability between the two systems as data can now be seamlessly transferred, increasing productivity and de-risking the handling of design data.

The RAM Structural System allows the rapid creation of an entire structural model, including the floor and roof framing loads. The software also determines the distribution of the design loads to the members.

These geometries and design loads can now be transferred directly to FBEAM to enhance the efficiencies of the structural design in ambient and fire conditions.

It is estimated that over 70% of all multi-storey buildings use a steel-framed solution, and Fabsec cellular beams have long complemented and been incorporated into the design of these structures.

Fabsec FBEAM software is free to use in the UK to design primary and secondary floor beams as well as rafters. It includes an automated optimisation routine to enable beam design for minimum weight and cost. This is achieved by allowing a combination of differing flange and web thicknesses, which then compares the cost of the calculated Firetex intumescent paint with the raw material cost, thereby ensuring that the most economic and sustainable beam is provided.

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