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Eurocodes support is ready

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The steel construction sector declared itself ready for the introduction of the Eurocodes in March with the launch of the first guides to support steel designers making the changeover from British Standards (see page 24).

At the London launch event in November Chris Dolling of Corus said the introduction of Eurocodes was the most significant development ever for UK design codes. ‘Designers need have no worries about using Eurocodes because although they are different from British Standards in several respects they are not more difficult to use. The steel construction sector has been involved in their development over many years so we have a depth of expertise that will be available to help designers with any aspects of Eurocodes.’

SCI Associate Director David Brown said the change over represented a manageable challenge. ‘It is crucial that the national Annexes are studied and properly understood, but the biggest issue will be the lack of initial familiarity. Once the Eurocodes start to be used they will quickly become familiar and designers will start to see tangible benefits from their use.’

The British Constructional Steelwork Association’s Dr David Moore told delegates at the launch event that the UK steel sector’s chosen approach to supporting designers during the introduction of Eurocodes is different to that of other sector’s:’ The steel approach has been to develop resources that can to as great an extent as possible be used across Europe. We are also delivering these resources free of charge, as web based assets that will be continuously improved and developed.’

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