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BCSA to open regional office

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The BCSA is planning to open a new regional office on the outskirts of Leeds and two new staff members, a Welding and Fabrication Manager and a Certification Scheme Manager, will be appointed to work at this office alongside the Deputy Director General, who will be relocating to the new office. BCSA’s Head Office will continue to be at Whitehall Court, London.

The workload of the Steel Construction Certification Scheme (SCCS) is growing and the scheme management needs to be strengthened, consequently a full-time Certification Scheme Manager is being appointed.

The new position of Welding and Fabrication Manager has been created to assist members with the forthcoming new welding specification and certification requirements. In order to comply with the Construction Products Regulations and CE Marking, steelwork companies will need to have a certified Welding Quality Management system, incorporating a designated Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC). The RWC can either be an in-house staff member or someone sub-contracted, but will need to have appropriate experience.

The SCCS is putting procedures into place for providing a UKAS accredited Welding Quality Management audit and certification service to steelwork companies, which will incorporate a RWC interview and approval process to be undertaken by the new Welding and Fabrication Manager.

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