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DVD will create safer working environment

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The BCSA has collaborated with Ryder Marsh (Safety) to develop a behavioural based safety package, entitled Protecting our People, aimed at the steel construction industry. It includes an interactive DVD.

Using Behavioural Based Safety (BBS), the training package and its supporting material has been specifically developed to help managers and supervisors acquire new techniques and improved skills which will enable them to satisfy work safety responsibilities.

“Good safety correlates well with good performance,” said BCSA Health & Safety Manager Pete Walker. “Member companies that introduce the BBS will be making a valuable investment.”

Modern safety theories firmly place the responsibility for creating a good safety climate upon line managers. Mr Walker said a positive safety climate is not something that can be taken for granted, it has to be managed.

“It is for this reason that managers must strive to extend their safety knowledge and skills in order to achieve high levels of safety in their area of responsibility,” added Mr Walker.

BBS is based on techniques that have been tested in many different industries and have proven to have a dramatic effect upon safety related behaviour. It will help change a culture that condones unsafe practices, reacts to accidents and concentrates on statistics, and sees safety as someone else’s responsibility to one that observes, identifies and eradicates unsafe acts.

BBS can assist in developing and maintaining good safety performance by being presented in an attractive and entertaining format. The DVD has five self-contained chapters plus an interactive hazard spotting section.

For more information on the training package email:

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