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Definitive guidance for high-rise construction

The BCSA has published the latest in its series of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) endorsed guides for steel erection. The new book, Erection of Multi-Storey Buildings, is a companion to the BCSA’s other codes of practice that deal with subjects such as low-rise buildings, metal decking and the erection of steel bridges.

“The industry now has a definitive guide for multi-storey buildings,” said Richard Barrett, managing director of Barrett Steel Buildings. “Steelwork contractors basically provided the impetus for this publication as we all decided it was needed a while ago.”

The document has been devised to provide guidance to clients, planning supervisors, principal contractors, designers and steelwork contractors. It describes the management procedures and methods to be adopted and is intended to serve as a reference when drafting site and project specific erection method statements.

According to the guide multi-storey buildings are defined as those structures that cannot be wholly accessed using mobile elevating work platforms from the ground. Generally these structures require columns to be spliced, and it is often necessary to use tower cranes for erection.

“The publication has taken more than two years to write as construction of multi-storey buildings is very complex,” Mr Barrett explained. “Now steelwork contractors just have to follow the guidance to know they are operating in a safe manner.”

Importantly, the HSE said it welcomed the publication and considers it as an industry standard in supporting the effective management of health and safety risk.

The HSE also said it is a clear example of industry self regulation, as the direct involvement of experienced and professional practitioners ensures that such guidance will be both relevant and authoritative.

The guide is also intended to aid compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act, and can serve, in part, to replace the withdrawn HSE publication GS28 Safe Erection of Structures.

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