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BCSA Guide to the Erection of Steel Bridges

The BCSA has prepared a further guide in its series of publications that deal with steel erection. The new guide covers the Erection of Steel Bridges and is a companion to the BCSA’s codes of practice that deal with the Erection of Low Rise Buildings and Metal Decking and Stud Welding.

The reason why the new publication is a guide, and not a code of practice like the two previous documents, is that for bridgework there is a different relationship between the steelwork contractor and the designers of the permanent works. The new guide focuses on this relationship. In essence, it seeks to explain all aspects that support the steelwork contractor’s efforts to plan and implement the safe erection of a steel bridge. In doing so, the intention is that personnel in the whole team – Client, Designer, Principal Contractor and Steelwork Contractor – will benefit from a better understanding of the bridgework erection process.

The guide has been authored by Ian E Hunter, a widely-respected independent expert on bridge erection. Ian formerly worked for both Dorman Long and Cleveland Bridge – internationally famous names in the bridgework field. The drafting was overseen by a working group drawn from companies belonging to the BCSA’s Bridgework Conference, and the working group was chaired by Dr Peter Lloyd of Fairfield-Mabey Limited.

The guide is complementary to the BCSA Publication Steel Bridges: A Practical Approach to Design for Efficient Fabrication and Construction which is also still available from the BCSA.

PRICE:  £20 (UK), £23 (EU/Overseas), £26 (Outside EU), Member £15 (plus P&P)
Author: BCSA
ISBN 85073 046 5 108 pp, A5 paperback

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