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CE Marking not needed for lifting brackets

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Following a Health & Safety Executive (HSE) report on the manufacture of lifting brackets, which recommended they should be made in accordance with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992 (SMR) with particular reference to the CE Mark, the BCSA has stated it would not bring any improvements in safety.

The BCSA has written a submission to the Better Regulation Executive (BRE) to explain that the application of SMR would not bring any improvements in safety, quality or efficiency and will only add to the burden of bureaucracy for the constructional steelwork industry.

Pete Walker, BCSA Health and Safety Manager, said: “We now have the agreement from the BRE that the brackets manufactured by the constructional steelwork industry for their own use do not require CE Marking.”

In response to the BCSA submission BRE said: “The present problem has therefore arisen not out of new regulation but on developing interpretation of long established regulation. HSE was concerned that the guidance document was sensible and enforceable and to ensure that the CE marking provision only applies to brackets independently placed on the market, and not to brackets made by the manufacturers of the item to be lifted, such as constructional steelwork”.

The BCSA is currently preparing a technical file with the HSE which will outline which design standard and what information should be marked on lifting brackets.

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