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Best practice for the specification and installation of metal cladding and secondary steelwork

This publication will promote a greater understanding of the issues faced by the construction team and lead to better co-operation on site and in the design office.

This new publication presents guidance to designers and contractors on the specification and installation of profiled metal cladding systems and the supporting purlins and side rails.

The guidance covers many aspects of cladding specification, including a brief description of the available systems and their components and an overview of the various performance criteria that should be considered by the specifier.  Particular attention is paid to the structural performance of the cladding, since inadequate strength and stiffness not only undermine the safety of the building, but also impact on several of the other performance criteria such as airtightness and durability.  Guidance is also included on the specification of the purlins and side rails with particular reference to the interaction between the building elements and the provision of lateral and torsional restraint.  Sections on cladding and purlin installation provide an overview of the issues that need to be addressed in order to meet the performance criteria identified by the building designer.

Many of the issues covered have been brought to the attention of the SCI by industry representatives, whose advice and knowledge is the foundation for the guidance presented in the publication.  The aim of the guidance is to promote good practice across the industry, leading to improvements in Health and Safety, efficiency and building envelope performance.

Although written with site practitioners in mind, much of the guidance should also be useful to architects and structural engineers involved in the specification of the building envelope and supporting structure.

Cat Ref: P346
Author:  M D Heywood
ISBN 978-1-85942-171 0,
76 pp,  A4 paperback
(includes colour photographs),
Dec 2006.



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