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Around the Press: February 2012

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RIBA Journal
December 2011
100 Years Ago – The possibilities of steel
A very interesting lecture was delivered by Sir William Richmond at the Armstrong College of Science. “In my opinion (he says) steel is a material which has in it somewhere and somehow great though different possibilities of beauty from those of wood and stone. Perhaps a new beauty…..

New Civil Engineer
15 December 2011
A view from the top
(The Shard) “We are now at the high risk stage of the project,” explains Mace chief operating officer for construction Gareth Lewis. “Pre-assembling sections of the spire has reduced the amount of work at height, making the installation as efficient as possible and providing greater certainty prior to lifting that the correct fit will be achieved.”

Construction News
15 December 2011
Making it happen
(Building Information Modelling) Images of the new Leeds Arena, which will be complete in 2013, show a bird’s nest of intricate steelwork and panelling that the contractors say would have been impossible to design and build without building information modelling.

The Structural Engineer
January 2012
Cairo Expo City-  a free-form spatial roof structure
The structural scheme uses a continuous roof space (steel) truss to create large column free spaces that provide greatest flexibility to the exhibition hall below.

Building Magazine
6 January 2012
London 2012 – High points
(Handball Arena) Construction started in July 2009 and the foundations were complete within just five months. A 1,000-tonne steel frame makes up the main structure of the arena – fabricated in Bolton, it was lifted into place in July 2012.

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