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AD 455: Design resistances for bespoke components in P358 (Green Book)

A reader has questioned the design resistances tabulated for bespoke components in P358 – the Green Book for nominally pinned joints to Eurocode 3.

The specific question related to the difference between the values quoted for Hollo-Bolts in Table G.60 and the data provided by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer provides characteristic resistances in their data for use with Eurocode designs. The Green Book tabulates design resistances, which are the characteristic resistance divided by the γM2 factor, which in the UK National Annex is specified as 1.25

Typical values of the characteristic resistances provided by the manufacturer are 124 kN in tension and 211 kN in shear for an M20 Hollo-Bolt.

The design resistances in Table G.60 are 99.2 kN and 169 kN respectively, being the characteristic resistance divided by 1.25

Designers should note that the Green Book was first printed in 2014 and contains data appropriate at that time. It is quite possible that manufacturers may have subsequently changed material specification or component geometry, so checking with the manufacturer’s latest data is advised.

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