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Time is right for giant steel pyramid

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Foundation work has begun for the iconic Solar Pyramid project near Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

Once complete, the 58m tall steel structure will be the world’s biggest timepiece and the UK’s largest work of art.

Built on the site of a former colliery, the edifice will consist of three highly polished stainless steel leaning blade-like towers which will cast a shadow onto an elliptical sundial base telling the date and time.

Project creator Richard Lester Swain said approximately 50t of steel will be needed for the blades, which will be constructed with 4m x 4m x 10m triangular sections.

“Because the work is on the grounds of a former colliery, piles of more than 20m are required,” Mr Swain said. “Once this part of project has been completed, the local authority will appoint contractors for the structure itself.”

The giant timepiece is scheduled for completion in June 2007.

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