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Tata Steel UK to offer lower CO2 steel

Leading steel producer Tata Steel said it will begin sales this week of certified low-CO2 steel.

The lower CO2 certified steel is based on savings achieved by Tata Steel in the UK and is verified by independent assurance experts DNV.

As part of the company’s decarbonisation journey, named Optemis, certified lower CO2 steel will now be offered to customers in industries such as construction and automotive, under the name Optemis Carbon Lite.

Tata Steel in the UK has the ambition to reduce all CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030 and be a CO2 neutral steelmaker by 2045, in support of the UK’s ambition to be net-zero by 2050.

Tata Steel Chief Commercial Officer Anil Jhanji, said: “The launch of Optemis Carbon Lite is an important step in our ongoing decarbonisation journey. It shows we are making progress and are able to offer customers certified lower CO2 steel thanks to investments we have made which have had a material impact on lowering our emissions.”

He added: “Revenues generated from the sale of Optemis Carbon Lite certificates will be used to fund additional projects generating further CO2 savings. These projects would then be verified by DNV, speeding up our decarbonisation. The savings will also help customers achieve their CO2 targets and flow down supply chains.”

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