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Targeting supermarket guidance

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The third of the five Target Zero guides, covering supermarket buildings, has been published and is available for download in pdf format at

Target Zero Supermarket Guidance provides invaluable information for designers, construction clients and their professional advisors on how to design and construct supermarket buildings that meet current and future sustainability requirements.

The Target Zero guidance is based on recently constructed buildings. The basecase building for the supermarket report was a simplified design of Asda’s food store at Stockton-on-Tees. All of Asda’s stores follow a comprehensive energy efficiency programme, which includes identifying renewable sources of energy to power its stores and distribution warehouses.

In its existing stores Asda is on target to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2012 (compared to measurements taken in 2005). Asda is also committed to ensuring that all of its new stores use 30% less energy, through the use of new building techniques and materials.

Target Zero is a steel construction sector project designed to provide guidance on the design and construction of sustainable, low and zero carbon buildings.

Five non domestic building types are being analysed in the project funded by Tata Steel and the BCSA. Guidance on schools and distribution warehouses have already been published, while two more building types – medium to high rise offices and mixed use buildings – are being analysed, and these guides are due early this year.


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