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Portals Suite – Essential reading for portal frame designers

Single-span steel portal frames are the most common form of construction for single storey buildings in the UK.  In response to the questions raised by designers and steelwork contractors, the SCI has written two publications, one on design and the other on in plane stability of portal frames.

 Design of single-span steel portal frames to BS 5950-1:2000 (P252)

This publication provides comprehensive information on the design of single-span steel portal frames. It also includes those aspects of design not properly covered by existing guidance. It covers:

• A range of different types of steel portal frame.
• Design of single-span portal frames using hot rolled steel I sections.
• Preliminary sizing charts.
• Design for all the major components (columns, rafters, haunches, purlins, etc.)
• Clear advice on member checks.
• Worked examples based on BS 5950-1:2000 and comparison with software.

P R Salter, A S Malik & C M King
A4,  182 pp,  2004

In-plane stability of portal frames to BS 5950-1:2000 (P292)

This document introduces designers to the in-plane stability calculation methods in BS 5950 1:2000 for single-story portal frames designed using either elastic or plastic analysis. It covers:

• An introduction to the in-plane stability of single-storey portal frames.
• A commentary on the three methods of checking the in-plane stability of portal frames given in BS 5950-1:2000:
− the sway check method
− the amplified moment method
− second order analysis.
• Worked examples on ordinary and tied portals.

C M King
A4,  224 pp, 2001

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