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Pocket guide to steels published by ICE

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The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has published ICE Pocket Guide to Steels in the Built Environment, which is said to be a quick and handy reference guide to using steels in construction projects and structural design.

Over 150 steels and subgrades are listed, with each entry containing its naming convention, steel number and a description of its properties. This is combined with infographics describing the format in which each steel is available.

Guide author and CMF Technical Director Stephen Hall said:

“The pocket guide was primarily written to help designers better understand, and correctly specify, complete steel grade designations.

“With reference to relevant material and design standards, it provides readers with the tools to translate standard steel names and identify key material characteristics.

“It’s hoped that through using the guide designers will be better equipped to make informed decisions on material specifications and will feel more able to have robust discussions with the supply chain regarding grades, qualities, and other delivery conditions. More broadly, it’s hoped that readers will gain a greater appreciation of the variety and availability of steels used in the built environment.”

The book is priced at £45 and is available online at: or email:

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