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Off-site modular production pays dividends

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The off-site fabrication and assembly of a number of steel walkways for a busy town centre site has saved the main contractor valuable crane time.

Sir Robert McAlpine is currently constructing a series of municipal office blocks in Rochdale which will be linked together by steel walkways and footbridges. Because of the number of trades working on the project, crane usage is at a premium and an off-site modular solution for the steel walkways was adopted.

Steelwork contractor Caunton Engineering fabricated and fully assembled the walkways at its Nottingham facility. Before despatch, they were fully welded, inspected and tested, decked and had handrails attached.

“Once on site each walkway was quickly installed in under three hours, which saved the site valuable crane time, which was greatly appreciated by the main contractor,” explained  Caunton Engineering Director Geoffrey Taylor.


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