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Minister pays tribute to steel industry

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Construction Minister Alun Michael paid tribute to the BCSA’s ‘many achievements and the enormous contribution’ that the steelwork industry makes to the economy and society as a whole in an address to the Centenary Dinner.

Mr Michael was Principal Guest at the dinner which was attended by over 400 members and their guests at London’s Savoy Hotel. Mr Alun said: “You have provided the very fabric of a vibrant and dynamic national and local economy in this city which will be further enhanced by preparations for the 2012 Olympics.”

BCSA members were to be congratulated on their drive, global competitiveness and innovation. A major challenge at the start of the next 100 years would be the Olympics, which the government and the industry were working closely together on. “Lets demonstrate the capacity and talent of the UK steel construction industry and work together to drive markets for your innovative products and services.”

He added: ”I look forward to our partnership continuing to flourish as we embark on the next hundred years.”

In his President’s speech Donal McCormack outlined the origins of the BCSA from first a Steelwork Society of Manchester fabricators. Members’ order books were healthy and the Olympics was expected to add about 5% a year to demand in each of the next five years.

Mr McCormack urged the Minister to take the opportunity of the current Construction Act review to ensure that the industry’s cash flow would be smoother in future. He said that a new document for steelwork to sit alongside the National Structural Steelwork Specification was being produced in cooperation with other organisations, like the Association for Consultancy and Engineering, that would help improve the flow of timely and detailed project information.

Mr McCormack concluded by reaffirming BCSA’s commitment to serving the steel construction industry and looked forward to the next 100 years.

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