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Metsec purlins rise to challenge of complex roof

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Construction of a new £2.6M Information & Communication Technology Learning Centre near Mansfield has found Metsec’s zed purlins equal to the task of accommodating a complex roof design. The steel framed two-storey building has around 10 different roof shapes and set-outs of varying lengths, dimensions, tapers, pitches and hip ends, and required a single-span purlin layout. Adding to the complexity is an unusually high wind load due to the building’s exposed location in Sherwood Forest and the requirement for the purlins to be set inside the rafter flanges to accommodate architect Patel Taylor’s desire for a shallow perimeter parapet.

Purlin sections mainly 202mm deep of various sizes and gauges depending on span and totalling 15t were designed and detailed by steelwork fabricator Crown Structural.

“Crown Structural specified Metsec as the most structurally efficient and cost effective solution for the complex roof,” said Sales Director of Metsec’s Purlins Division, Kevin Jones. “StruCad drawings were electronically checked and the data used directly to programme our rolling mills. Sections were delivered to site with individual markings to make identification and erection quicker and more straightforward.”

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