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High-Rise Trusteel

The Trusteel steel-framed system is well known in the low rise housing field, 37,000 Trusteel homes equally in the Local Authority and Private Housing fields, testify to this.

When the recent requirements for high loadings were introduced, Trusteel decided that the time had come for steel to re-enter the high rise field and by the wide use of Trusteel’s existing components, a most economical solution was found.

Advantage was taken of the ‘Report of the enquiry into the collapse of flats at Ronan Point’, Ministry Circular No. 62/68 and Trusteel found that a steel structure was clearly the best means of meeting the requirements for structural safety. Firstly, hot-rolled sections are used to form a multi-storey portal longitudinally and to tie walls and floors together against explosion and secondly Trusteel’s lightweight beams and channels form the floor units.

The possible combination of dead, super and wind loads together with suitable section data was run through a computer to determine the most economical sections, the foundation loading, frame strength and wind sway.

The detailing was such that three dimension units could be assembled on the ground before being lifted into position, thus greatly reducing work at high levels, and greatly increasing safety.Trusteel believe that there is now no longer any doubt that steel used correctly can be competitive in the high rise field and in every way is a lot safer.

From Building with Steel, February 1970

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