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Diversity wins at Galvanizing Awards

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Tolka Rovers AFC

St Michael’s Church, Linlithgow

Tayson House,                  Bradford

A diverse array of projects were winners at the 2010 Galvanizing Awards held at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London. No overall winner was declared with all four category winners taking equal recognition.

The winners were Kraus Schonberg Architects for Tayson House in Bradford which scooped the Architecture award; Roseisle Distillery, Elgin won the Engineering category; Johnson & Company for its work on St Michael’s Church in Linlithgow won the Detail category; and Denis Bryne Architects for Tolka Rovers AFC picked up the top prize in the Duplex category.

Roseisle Distillery, Elgin

Judging the awards this year were sustainable winner of last year’s Galvanizing Awards, Rebecca Egan of Bucholz McEvoy Architects; Jan-Carlos Kucharek of RIBA Journal; Phil Williams of The Institution of Structural Engineers; and Iqbal Johal of Galvanizers Association.

Jan-Carlos Kucharek said: “Entering the judging room, I was not only surprised by the number of entries in this year’s Galvanizers Awards, but by the general standard, which over the years that I have been helping to judge the awards, has only gone up. I’m usually one of its harshest critics, but on this occasion however my hand was stayed by the scrutiny required to really get to the bottom of a project and discover how each was using the medium of galvanizing to help realise the project’s bigger ideas.”

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