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CE Marking guidance

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For most purchasers, the CE Marking of steel sections, bolts and welding consumables is relatively new and therefore many may not know what they should be looking for.

“Those ordering and checking goods must be able to identify a valid CE Mark and know what the certification should contain,” said Dr David Moore, BCSA Director of Engineering.

All manufacturers of CE Marked products are now required to have a EC Certificate of Conformity. This should be signed by the notifying body and show the specific range of grades and products covered.

“It is not a blanket certificate for all products and the manufacturer should only be CE Marking those items listed on the certificate,” said Dr Moore.

The EC Certificate of Conformity should include the following: name and address of notified body; name and address of the manufacturer or agent; description of the product; provisions to which the product conforms; particular conditions applicable to the use of the product; the certificate’s number; conditions and period of validity, and name and position of the person empowered to sign the certificate.

The notified body must be approved by the EC and this can be checked by visiting website:

Meanwhile, manufacturers are also required to produce a Declaration of Conformity which should contain the name and address of the company, the description of the product along with information accompanying the CE Marking.

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