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Building design using modules

Essential design information for construction using modules

The use of modular and other lightweight forms of building construction is increasing. The benefits of off-site prefabrication and improved quality in manufacture are being realised for residential buildings, for mixed commercial/housing projects, educational and health sector buildings.

This publication reviews the basic principles of design using modular construction and addresses the opportunities to achieve a sensible level of standardisation, covering basic dimensions for planning interfaces with cladding, services and other details.

It addresses the following essential topics:

  • Types of modules
    − 4-sided modules
    − Partially open sided modules
    − Corner supported modules
  • Mixed modular and panel construction
  • Modules and primary structure
  • Other types of modules
  • Technical issues
  • Dimensional planning
  • Sources of information



For further details, please refer to the Technical Article, by the author, Dr R M Lawson on page 28 of this issue.

Catalogue Reference:  P348
Author:  R M Lawson

Non-member £20 (+P&P)
Member £10 (+ P&P).
Full colour, 16 pp, A4,
self-cover brochure,
September 2007


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