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AD 290: Joints in Steel Construction: Simple Connections (P212) – Corrigendum 2

This advisory desk note (AD290) is the second in a series relating to SCI publication P212. Corrigendum 2 to P212 (below) is new and has not previously been disseminated.

Corrigendum 2 relates to the tabulated values for (a) shear capacity and (b) minimum support thickness of fin plate connections (Tables H.27 to H.30). The values for (a) and (b) in the published capacity tables (SCI-P212, 2002) are either correct or conservative.

Corrected capacity tables, taking account of corrigendum 2 (and incorporating corrigendum 1), are available on

Corrigendum 2 – Shear Capacity and Minimum Support Thickness of Fin Plate Connections 

(a) Shear capacity of the connection

In some cases the tabulated shear capacity values in P212 (2002) for fin plate connections to S355 beams (Tables H.29 and H.30) should be increased to take full account of the material strength of the beam. The changes should be made when check 2 (bearing of bolts on fin plate or beam web) is quoted as the critical design check. Where the capacity is increased, there will be a corresponding decrease in the maximum notch length.

The reason for this is that even for S355 beams; the tabulated values (P212, 2002) assumed S275 beam strengths for check 2.

(b) Minimum support thickness

The tabulated minimum support thicknesses in P212 (2002), Tables H.27 to H.30 for fin plate connections should be amended.  All the changes increase the value of the minimum support thickness. There are three reasons for the amendment:

Firstly, and most significantly, in the calculation of the minimum support thickness (using check 10) the shear force (Fv) was not divided by two, to allow for the two shear planes either side of the fin plate. 

Secondly, the shear force (Fv) was taken as the double notch shear capacity, whereas it should be taken as the un-notched/single notch shear capacity. 

Thirdly, some shear capacity values have been amended, as noted in (a) above.

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