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Voortman launch 3D plasma bevels

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nVoortmann1509Dutch-based steel processing machinery manufacturer Voortman has released a new 3D plasma bevel which it says will improve cutting quality.

The new design with gas valves positioned as near as possible to the end process (plasma arc) offers advantages to the customer claims Voortman.

The further the gas valves are from the end process, the harder it is to control the gas specifically at this point. This could result in a longer post flow and larger deviations in the gas flow.

The Voortman 3D bevel unit is equipped with 3D collision protection that will prevent damage to the torch in the event that it collides with the processing material.

To save time the 3D collision protection for the Voortman 3D bevel unit uses a magnet holder where the torch can easily be remounted back in the holder to minimise downtime after a collision.

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