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Tata Steel future proofs its roofing system

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nPV-RoofJan15Tata Steel has announced that the Confidex Guarantee for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra, the company’s roof and wall cladding pre-finished steel product, has now been extended to include cover for areas that are situated under photovoltaic (PV) frame modules.

This means the whole building envelope is guaranteed to perform for the same duration of up to 40 years, giving building owners who wish to install PV modules the assurance that it will not have a detrimental effect on the performance of the pre-finished steel underneath.

“With the trend for decreasing photovoltaic costs, and local authorities in the UK incorporating them as part of their supplementary planning guidance, they are becoming much more attractive to install on the roof of a building,” said Tata Steel Manager New Product Development, Peter Barker.

“This has led to questions from our customers as to the effect this has on the roof building material guarantee. Based on our assessment of current building stock and accelerated weathering test results, we have been able to extend the Confidex guarantee.”

He added; “If the building owner is considering retrofitting photovoltaics in the future, specifying Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra also ensures that the roof is PV ready, allowing modules to be installed at any point throughout the Confidex Guarantee Period, providing it was registered, and ensures that the performance of the pre-finished steel over the entire roof will still be covered for the remainder of the guarantee duration. It also includes full reparation in the unlikely event of the pre-finished steel failure.”

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