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Design of Angles

David Brown of the SCI offers advice on the use of angles in bending, in response to questions received by the advisory service. Angles subject to bending are …

The buckling resistance of laced columns

David Brown of the SCI uses the example of a laced column to demonstrate useful approaches to member

Cross-braced lateral load-resisting systems

Cross bracing is a traditional means of providing lateral stability to structures. Richard Henderson of the SCI discusses some of the features of this …

Buckling resistance of uniform members in bending

Richard Henderson of the Steel Construction Institute discusses the phenomenon of lateral-torsional buckling. In order to retain the accurate formatting of the …

AD 251: Equivalent Uniform Moment Factor, m (italic)

BS 5950-1: 2000 sees the demise of the n factor method when calculating buckling resistance Mb. In Section 4, the m factor method is the only approach …


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